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Aleksandr Kolpakov

Aleksandr Kolpakov


Aleksandr Kolpakov was born in 1955 in Barnaul. He started working on TV at the age of 16 after graduating from high school. He worked for Altay TV until 1980 when he was invited to move to Kemerovo. In late 1980s he became chief editor of news and current affairs programs of Kuzbass TV. Starting from the first days of All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company he was Vesti’s personal correspondent. After NTV started broadcasting he was its correspondent for Siberia. Between 1998 and 2001 he worked as a director of NTV’s regional bureau in Belarus. After his contract expired he moved to Moscow to work in the Kremlin and government journalist pools. He covered the work of the Russian president and government, activities of both chambers of the parliament and political parties. Lately he has been an observer for REN TV channel.
In the beginning was the word

Recent statement of prime-minister of Kazakhstan concerning prospects of development of traditional media deserves more attention than in got.  “Traditional media is caught in colossal competition with the Internet. In 3-4 years the landscape of this market is going to be different” - Karim Massimov.