Finding buyers, Malaysian art searches for a voice After art school, Haslin Ismail was the typical struggling artist, selling just a few of his mixed-media fantasy pieces for a few hundred dollars each over the next five years.
18 декабря 2012
500,000 entries for expanded Chinese dictionary: media China's "most inclusive" dictionary is set to expand by nearly a third to nearly half a million entries across 25 volumes.
12 декабря 2012
Uzbekistan claims ‘undiscovered’ Veronese masterpiece Central Asian state of Uzbekistan has with much fanfare put on display what it says is a lost masterpiece of Western art, a painting by Italian Renaissance master Paolo Veronese.
03 декабря 2012
Philippines says 146 Marcos paintings missing More than 140 paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh and other masters which were bought with stolen funds by former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos remain missing.
28 ноября 2012
Rare photo of Titanic iceberg coming up for auction A rare original photograph of the iceberg suspected of sinking the Titanic in the icy North Atlantic in 1912 is coming up for auction next month.
28 ноября 2012
First English guide of Astana published The first issue of English-language Astana guide has been published.
23 ноября 2012
Genius or clown? Paris show weighs Dali legacy Twirling his waxed moustache, Salvador Dali's larger-than-life figure was beamed into millions of homes in the 1960s, his televised antics bringing huge fame, but burning his bridges with the art world.
21 ноября 2012
Online museum showcases Britain's hidden art Britain has some of the best galleries in the world, but the vast majority of the oil paintings in public ownership have for decades been hidden away in private offices or storage.
15 ноября 2012
Painting tied to Manhattan Project to be auctioned A 74-year-old painting depicting the Canadian mine that produced uranium for the world's first atomic bomb will go under the hammer in Toronto on November 22, set to fetch up to Can$300,000.
14 ноября 2012
Chinese art star Yue brings 'laughing men' to Europe The painted grins are stretched so wide they seem to hurt. And that is pretty much what Yue Minjun intended, the Chinese artist explained at the Paris opening of his first major show in Europe.
14 ноября 2012
Bridget Jones set to return in third novel next year The accident-prone British thirty-something Bridget Jones is to return in a third novel next year, her creator Helen Fielding announced on Friday.
11 ноября 2012
Writer's epic journey gets 'Ulysses' to Dublin stage Dermot Bolger was commissioned in 1993 by a US museum that holds the original manuscript of James Joyce's famed novel -- which chronicles a day in the life of a Dublin man -- to adapt the book for the stage.
10 ноября 2012
Picasso sells for $41.5 million in New York An erotically charged Picasso oil painting of his mistress alongside tulips and fruit sold Thursday for $41.5 million on an otherwise anemic night for high-end art in New York.
09 ноября 2012
Kandinsky painting sets $23 mn record in New York A painting by Wassily Kandinsky sold for $23 million in New York on Wednesday, setting an auction record for the Russian avant-garde artist.
08 ноября 2012
Canada circus shows off long-lost Dali painting A massive painting by Salvador Dali created in 1944 as a backdrop for a ballet put on by New York's Metropolitan Opera was recently found and displayed Monday in Montreal.
06 ноября 2012
Uzbek museum unearths forgotten Picasso ceramics Workers at a state art museum in ex-Soviet Uzbekistan have discovered a long-forgotten collection of Picasso ceramics in the archives and put them on display, more than four decades after the pieces were donated.
05 ноября 2012
'Fifty Shades' aiming to seduce in Japan Erotic bestseller "Fifty Shades of Grey" will hit Japanese bookshelves this week, its publisher said Tuesday, hoping to repeat the breathless success it has enjoyed around the world.
30 октября 2012
Munch's iconic 'The Scream' goes on display in New York "The Scream," Edvard Munch's eerie 1895 masterpiece which sold in May for $119.9 million, is on view for the first time since that record-breaking auction, at New York's Museum of Modern Art.
26 октября 2012
Kadhafi corpse inspires artist trio The day after Moamer Kadhafi died, Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming set to work painting a wall-sized oil of his corpse -- the first in an unlikely trio of artworks inspired by the Libyan strongman's grisly demise.
19 октября 2012
Pop Art painting, missing for 42 years, returns to owner A $4 million painting by Pop Art legend Roy Lichtenstein was returned Tuesday to its rightful owner, 42 years after it went missing.
18 октября 2012

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