Zadok Ben-David presents breathtaking The Other Side of Moon exhibition in Astana

27 сентября 2014, 02:41
Photo © Turar Kazangapov
Photo © Turar Kazangapov

An Israeli artist based in London Zadok Ben-David has introduced his unique exhibition The Other Side of Midnight at the National Museum in Astana, Tengrinews reports.

The exhibition features over 20 thousand metal hand cut flowers. It is the first exhibition of the Israeli artist in Central Asia.

The first artwork is called Blackflowers and it consists of 22 hand-cut aluminum flowers.

Blackflowers is a continuation of the Blackfield installation. The artwork was exhibited in London, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Singapore, Berlin and many other cities around the world. Blackfield consists of 20 thousand steel etched flowers taken from 19th Century Victorian encyclopedias on the sand. The flowers are painted black from one side and colorful from the other side.

The Other Side of Midnight is another spectacular installation made of two thousand miniature butterflies and insects painted in bright fluorescent colors. The installation is viewed under UV light in the darkness.

The artists stated that the relation between a human and nature inspired him. “I seek human’s place in nature and express my feelings through my artwork,” the artist said.

It is the first time Zadok Ben-David visited Astana. The artist noted the architecture of the city. “You can see a pyramid, on the other side there is a contemporary office building and a mosque. It is very unusual. I also liked the fact that there is so much space in Kazakhstan, steppes and wide streets in cities,” the artist said. The Israeli sculptor visited Almaty last year.

Zadok Ben-David was born in Yemen in 1949 and soon immigrated to Israel with his parents. The future artists studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Several years later he continued his studies at University of Reading and Saint Martin's School of Art. Since 1980th, the artists has had over 40 personal exhibitions around the world.

The Other Side of Midnight will be open untill December 5. The admission for the breathtaking exhibition is free of charge. The museum is located at #54 Tauelsyzdyk Str. 

Reporting by Altynay Zhumzhumina. Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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