Kazakhstani photographer participates in Louvre exhibition

06 августа 2015, 19:05
Bronislava Sobolevskaya, 91, photo on the right
Bronislava Sobolevskaya, 91, photo on the right

Kazakhstani photographer Veronika Lerner’s work was presented at the exhibition in the Louvre, Tengrinews reports.

The photograph picked out for the exhibition features Lerner's 91 y.o. grandmother Bronislava Iosifovna Sobolevskaya.

Lerner took part in the exhibition in Paris right after winning the International Exposure Award.

"The exhibition took place on July 13, the works were presented on an electronic screen in the Louvre," Lerner said.

Lerner said that around 5 million people sent their works for the exhibition. 200 works, including Lerner’s photograph were picked out in the portrait genre. The photographer sent a number of her works for the exhibition, but only one was chosen by the organizers. 

"I told my grandmother. She was surprised and somewhat embarrassed. My grandmother is 91 y.o. and it is out of fantasy world to her. But I think she was pleased. I take care of my grandmother. As for the photography, I am more interested in arts. I was fascinated by the interior of the kitchen. As for my grandmother in the kitchen, it felt life-affirming. I think it is a certain reflection, a part of life and it possesses its own aesthetics," Lerner said.

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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