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Kairat Nurtas blames organizers for Prime Plaza concert rampaging

Tuesday, 03.09.2013, 00:02
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Kairat Nurtas blames organizers for Prime Plaza concert rampaging
Kairat Nurtas. Photo by Roza Yessenkulova©
Kairat Nurtas blames organizers for Prime Plaza concert rampaging
Kairat Nurtas, his art-director Mira Kelimbetova (L) and the mother Gulzira Aidarbekova. Photo by Roza Yessenkulova©
Kairat Nurtas blames organizers for Prime Plaza concert rampaging
Photo by Roza Yessenkulova©
Kairat Nurtas blames organizers for Prime Plaza concert rampaging
The representatives of Kairat nurtas blame the organizers. Photo by Roza Yessenkulova©
Kairat Nurtas blames organizers for Prime Plaza concert rampaging
Kairat Nurtas has 30 pairs of glasses. Photo by Roza Yessenkulova©
Kairat Nurtas blames organizers for Prime Plaza concert rampaging
The press-conference finished by autograph session. Photo by Roza Yessenkulova©
Kairat Nurtas, his mother and art-director have commented the incident that happened at Prime Plaza mall in Almaty on August 31, reports.

The singer and his companions arrived to the press-conference 20 minutes late. His mother was first to enter the room full of journalists and photographers. She was followed by the singer's director Gulzira Aidarbekova and his Art Director Mira Kelimbetova. They were followed by Nurtas wearing a black suit. This time he was not wearing any of his usual flamboyant glasses. The artist looked calm and was the first to speak.

“I arrived at the concert on time, at 08:15 p.m., as the organizers requested. That was not exactly my concert, I was just a headliner,” Nurtas said. “But the posters advertizing the concert had my big photo on them and it looked like it was my concert.

"I think that all this was the organizers' fault. They failed to ensure proper security. It was impossible to continue standing on the stage with people touch my hands or hair from all sides, or trying to kiss me. People started throwing something on the stage. I think there was a knife and some bottles. When I arrived there, I could hardly walk 200 meters to the stage surrounded by 5 guards. The place was packed. I had a feeling that something would go wrong, but I didn’t expect things to be that bad,” the artist said.

His art-director Mira Kelimbetova said that the organizers promised to organize the concert at the highest level. “Kairat has a rider that clearly says that he requires four bodyguards to accompany him. Other security personnel is supposed to be in the area where he performs. I saw there only 20 security people. There were not enough police officers as well. And the stage! It was awful and impossible to perform from. It was small, low and 200 meters from the road,” she said.

The artist also said that those were the organizers and security people who asked him to leave the stage. Nurtas sang one song, went downstairs to consult his team and planed to return to the stage. However, he said, it was impossible to continue the performance. “What’s the name of that woman in blue? She told me to stop the performance. While the authorities are investigating the incident, we don’t know whose fault it is and why all that happened,” Nurtas said.

As for the payment, Nurtas’s representative said that his fee was paid in full with an advance payment. “We had a contract and we were supposed to perform. We arrived on time. It was not our fault that the concert failed. No one has requested that we return the money,” Kelimbetova said.

Answering a questions if the clashed was a “special campaign organized with the help of the artist” Kairat Nurtas said: “If there is anyone who thinks so… I don't think its even believable that some kind of a provocation could have been organized with my help. This is absurd. Why would I do that? I don’t want this sort of a PR,” the singer said.

Late on August 31 around 2000 people gathered near Prime Plaza mall for a concert of a famous Kazakh pop singer Kairat Nurtas. The concert did not start on time and then the singer left the stage without even finishing the first song. The disappointed crowd started breaking through the fencing then raged at the parking lot and the ground floor of the mall shattering windows and crashing the equipment. The mob was using stones and glass bottles.

The damage to the concert equipment alone is estimated at more than 150 thousand dollars.

The crowd was dispersed, the police got the situation under control and fully stopped the raging by 11:00 p.m.

According to prosecutors, the administration of the trade and entertainment center failed to obtain the official permission for the mass entertainment event before the concert , because the platform they were using was not suitable for the mass event. It was recommended to the administration to cancel the concert or transferring it to a more suitable location. Nevertheless the administration decided to go on with the concert and officially undertook to ensure and maintain security at the event at its own accord. However, the administration of the mall denied that they failed to obtain the permit for the mass event.

By Roza Yessenkulova

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