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Almaty Mayor awards Denis Ten with car for Olympic bronze

28 february 2014, 23:45
Denis Ten and Almaty's Akim Akhmetzhan Yessimov. ©
Denis Ten and Almaty's Akim Akhmetzhan Yessimov. ©
The Mayor of Almaty has presented a car to the Kazakhstan figure-skating Denis Ten for the bronze medal that he won in the Sochi Olympics 2014, Tengrinews reports citing the press-service of the Akim.

Akhmetzhan Yessimov, the Akim (Mayor) of Almaty, pointed out that Kazakhstan people were watching the performances of Denis Ten at the Winter Olympics with bated breath. "We all supported you and we are very proud that an athlete from Almaty became a prize winner at the Sochi Olympics. You are young and most your victories are still ahead of you. If Almaty wins the bid to host the 24th Olympics Games in 2022, I'm sure you will represent Kazakhstan on the highest level. And we will always support you," Yessimov said.

The figure-skater thanked the Akim and shared his impressions of the Winter Olympics 2014 adding that Kazakhstan presentation in support of its bid to host the Winter Olympics 2022 generated a lot of interest among foreign athletes.

The Almaty Mayor handed the keys to Chevrolet Cruze to Denis Ten in the end of the meeting. The figure-skater is an innate of Almaty; he started his career and training in this city.

Denis Ten won the gold medal at the Asiada 2011 in Almaty.

In Sochi this year the 20-y.o. Denis Ten climbed from the 9th line after the short program to the Olympic bronze, perfectly performing the free skating program. Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu, 19, took the gold despite falling twice in the free skate and three-time world champion Patrick Chan from Canada took silver.

Denist Ten was the only athlete who won the medal for Kazakhstan at the 22th Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

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