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Friday, 09.10.2015

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Kazakhstan may be renamed to get rid of the 'stan' ending: President Nazarbayev

06 february 2014, 23:22
 Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev. REUTERS
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev. REUTERS
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev believes the possible change of the country’s name should be publicly discussed, according to his statement published at his official website

“Kazakhstan has the “stan” ending like many other nations of Central Asia. Foreigners are showing interest in Mongolia, whose population only stands at 2 million people [as compared to almost 17 million in Kazakhstan].

Mongolia has no “stan” ending in its name. Maybe we should consider renaming Kazakhstan into Kazakh Eli [Kazakh version for Kazakh People]; however, such a change must be publicly discussed to know the opinions of common people”, he said when attending a school in Atyrau in the West of Kazakhstan.

He suggested public discussions when responding to writer Rakhimzhan Otarbayev when the latter said that most people would embrace the idea of renaming the nation.

President Nazarbayev emphasized that Kazakhstan would only achieve all the set goals through maintaining unity and tolerance of its people. Our advantage is the ethnic diversity of the nation, he said.

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PP Sharikov PP Sharikov
2014-02-07 12:04:32
Why? Because Mongolia does not have "stan" at the end of its name? Do people get confused because a country has "stan" at the end of the name? There are probably many more reasons that "foreigners" are showing interest in Mongolia rather than Kazakhstan ...
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LaContra LaContra
2014-02-07 16:16:58
No but foreigners would no longer mix up the 'stans' as they do now....
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Qazaq Qazaq
2014-02-07 12:40:02
Our President is right!!!
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LaContra LaContra
2014-02-07 16:23:25
Basically Nazarbayev is simply getting people used to the idea of changing already well founded and accepted names. He expects the capital to be renamed after him when he retires or dies...Astana in Kazakh means simply 'Capital' and is a rather generic name for such a new and modern city built on the desolate steppe.....the plan is that the capital will be called Nursultan at a future date.
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Ruslan Ruslan
2014-02-07 18:17:28
stupid idea
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Carl Myes Carl Myes
2014-02-08 20:07:31
I'm writing from Germany and I don't think that the name is important. The opposite may be true .. a change will lead to confusion. The problem is that Europians do not know enough about the modern multi culturial society of Kazakhstan, the importants of the finance place of Almaty and the important mining industries of Rare earth minerals. Therefore events like the EXPO2017 and other events... will be important. I wish you a lot of success. But don't change your name. Best wishes from Germany and - by the way - thanks for the online-news you are providing.
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Carl Myers Carl Myers
2014-02-08 21:15:47
I'm writing from Germany. My opinion is that Kazakhstan should not change its name. Most Europeans know the name of the country but they do not know enough about Kazakhstan itself. A change of the name would only lead to confusion. Therefore you will have to improve your information and advertizing strategy. Many people have the image of a country which is dominated by agriculture and big areas... where noone lives. And only few people know about the modern cities, the importance of Almaty as financial market place, the important mining industries (rare earth minerals) and the modern multicultural society. Therefore events like the EXPO2017 are very important. Therefore the image is worse than the reality is. But this will not be changed by renaming the country. This would only be necessary if the name would suggest something negative. I wish a lot of success as I like Kazakhstan! I'm waiting for your image campaign. Best wishes from Germany and - by the way - thanks for providing online news.
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Supporting it Supporting it
2014-02-10 21:13:40
Very important and right action. 100% support
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Supporting it Supporting it
2014-02-10 21:17:39
Totally right action. Rename the country. 100% support
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PP Sharikov PP Sharikov
2014-02-11 08:27:42
Supporting it ... OK, please explain why and to what you want it re-named? Please also explain the benefit to Kazakhstan of the re-naming ...
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