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Kazakhstan Foreign Minister grateful to Borat

23 april 2012, 14:07
Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister Erzhan Kazykhanov is grateful to the Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan movie for putting Kazakhstan on the map. He said that April 23 when speaking before the Majilis (lower chamber), reports.

“Since the movie hit the screen the number of visas [for those willing to travel to Kazakhstan] has grown tenfold. For us it is a great victory. I am grateful to the [spoof journalist] Borat, the main character of the movie, for tourists’ keen interest to Kazakhstan”, Minister Kazykhanov said.

He recalls that at the moment the movie was freshly out he was working in the USA and cites a New York-based travel agency offering a special “Borat tour” to Kazakhstan for US citizens to discover Kazakhstan.

“I would treat the movie from the philosophical point of view”, the Minister said when answering a question from Parliamentarians on the comedy national anthem from the film Borat played at a medal ceremony at a recent shooting championship in Kuwait instead of the real one.

“All the Kazakh embassies have been instructed to make sure proper state symbols are used (…) Whenever a new embassy is opened, we pass on a package of state symbols to use (…) We have carefully studied the incident in Kuwait. Unfortunately, there is no diplomatic representation office (…) It’s hard to say that the Kazakh Foreign Ministry is at fault. However, we do not shift the blame”, the Minister said.

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Togzhan Nurtayeva Togzhan Nurtayeva
2013-03-01 12:49:17
To be honest, I am not greatful to the Borat and it's not a victory as well. Americans are interested in our "fake" culture that they highly intend to know it deeply. On the other hand, I can say that it's good, because if they travel to Kazakhstan, then they can be aware of real Kazakh culture which are respectable from ancient times, if not it's a shame, that foreigners think about us in a... wrong way.
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Carl Wagner Carl Wagner
2013-03-02 02:33:19
I remember sitting down in the darkened theater feeling excited that I was going to be able to reconnect with the country I did my 2 years of Peace Corps service in. The blue and gold flag comes on the screen..but then it quickly deteriorated into the Borat film we all love, hate and deal with--nothing to do with Kazakhstan really. The film has been a net positive for Kazakhstan I'd say. Few... in the west would otherwise have much to do with Nazarbaev's kingdom.
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